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East Anglian Schools Trust


Welcome from the Chair of the Trust Board and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 

Thank you for visiting our website. The East Anglian Schools Trust (EAST) was established on 1 September 2019. At its inception, three secondary academies were formally partnered together: Bungay, Farlingaye and Kesgrave High Schools. In September 2021 we were delighted to open Castle EAST School (CES). CES is a special school for children with communication and interaction needs located in Bungay, but serving the whole of the Waveney and north Suffolk area. We are confident that EAST will create a stronger future for our schools and continue to improve outcomes for all our students and young people. Working together will achieve great things and provide a first-class educational experience in which all our students can excel. Schools in our Trust retain so much of their independence whilst benefiting from an exciting formal partnership; things such as school names, uniforms, and a local governing body to manage local issues are all retained. Our schools support each other and collaborate to strive for excellence in all aspects of education and welfare for our students. As EAST grows, it is our expectation that it will remain local and of a sensible size.

Positive and exciting collaboration brought about by EAST provides important benefits for our schools. These include:
  • Increased opportunities for students and staff to work together across the MAT schools. 
  • Greater scope to maintain a broader curriculum for students.
  • Sharing good practice and delivering an outstanding learning experience.
  • Greater opportunity to develop and retain teaching talent within EAST.
  • Opportunities for financial benefits across the schools.

Governance of EAST is strong and principled, undertaken by Governors in each school (Local Governing Bodies), a Trust Board working across the MAT and an overarching Members' Board. The collective knowledge, expertise and experience of these individuals ensure the best outcome for our learners. If you are interested in lending your skills and qualities to strengthen that Governance for EAST, please do not hesitate to contact Louise Franks, Trust Board Chair. 

With our vision, expertise and community, our students will experience a fantastic education helping them to develop and achieve their aspirations. 

Louise Franks                                                        Angelo Goduti 

Chair of the EAST Trust Board                              Chief Executive Officer (CEO)